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Shades of Grey

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  1. Ab 15,99 €
    Aktionsartikel_:_Da. Poncho,mit Strickmuster, 4 Knöpfe se T ladies poncho knitted pattern, repeat of 2051871 single layer as orig. 1. color: dark red red pantone 19-1656 TCX 2. color: black 2.color: light grey, please send us suggestions ! material, handfeeling and style as orig. long knitted neck as orig. material + handfeeling+ yarn as original knitted pattern same like orig. 4 dtm. buttons on one side as orig. woven satin carelabel with seller information at sideseam no plastic hanger ! 2 satin loops on top for fixation on hangers in ou r stores print size directly on care label
  2. Ab 15,99 €
    YFW Pullover_:_Pullover mit Perlen
  3. Ab 15,99 €
    Da. Caprihose_:_Jegging mit Knopfverzierung vorn
  4. Ab 5,99 €
    Da. Mütze u. Hut_:_Da. Baskenmütze,gestrickt, gefilzte Woll T ladys beret, style as original counter from suppli er single layer felted wool >> quality in wool + poyamide as coun ter sample with the typical small loop on top of the beret 1 colorway black 2 colorway: grey, please send us different sugges tions woven satin carelabel - fixed inside black plastic hook print size direcly on carelabel look at counter comment remarks: please fill out the certificate for mules ing
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    UVP 15,99 €

    Da. Handtasche, PU_:_Da. Handtasche, APC-Ständer,PU T ladies handbag, PU in grey material: PU color: gray same like repeat 2056484 metal parts silver measurment and style same like org. please send SSS also to NKD for QS checking

5 Artikel

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